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Nelly Sullivan was born in 1979 in the europes capital of porn - Hungary. She is already in her 30ies but still continues to rn strong in the adult business. During her career, she shot for several studios and internet websites including the famous Nubiles - hence her Nelly Nubiles alias. She can also be located using the nicknames Nelli Sullivan, Stella Moran or Nelly Sulivan.

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Date added: 06-07-2013 Rating:
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Date added: 06-15-2012 Rating:
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Date added: 02-14-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 02-03-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 09-08-2010 Rating:
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Date added: 04-29-2010 Rating:
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Date added: 04-28-2010 Rating:
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