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Meet Tiffany Rousso a Hungarian girl with class, style and drop dead gorgeous looks. She's a girl that's determined to get what she wants, when she wants something that has helped her establish her name well in the world of porn. After being born in 1985, and growing up in the 24 hour city of Budapest, Tiffany Russo first tried working in many different areas before becoming the adult star she is today.

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Date added: 10-25-2022 Rating:
Like 127
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Date added: 02-21-2021 Rating:
Like 170
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Date added: 08-08-2020 Rating:
Like 227
Dislike 13
Date added: 02-10-2019 Rating:
Like 100
Dislike 23
Date added: 08-15-2018 Rating:
Like 71
Dislike 9
Date added: 09-17-2017 Rating:
Like 88
Dislike 19
Date added: 01-13-2012 Rating:
Like 228
Dislike 23
Date added: 03-04-2007 Rating:
Like 54
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Date added: 04-24-2005 Rating:
Like 17
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