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Jenny Sanders is another hot pornstar coming from Hungary, which seems to be the home of the hottest EU pornstars lately. Born in 1982, this pornstar uses several aliases, for example Adrienne Coyne, Adrienn, Jenny Saunders or Andrea Nubiles because she is a popular model. Adrienne Coyne seems to preffer softcore, masturbation or dildo scenes, but I think I saw her in a hardcore performance too. This blonde is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weights about 125lbs and her body is free of any tattoes thou I saw her with a navel piercing already. Adrienne`s meassurements are 36A/24/38.

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Date added: 10-28-2005 Rating:
Like 24
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Date added: 12-09-2004 Rating:
Like 26
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Date added: 04-01-2004 Rating:
Like 18
Dislike 2
Date added: 12-04-2003 Rating:
Like 26
Dislike 5